Sunday, October 01, 2006

Should 10 , Janpath / Akbar Road hq of UPA be sealed as well under commercilazation laws

The Supreme court has issued orders regarding commercialization and the law of the land is (read as SHOULD BE) equal for everyone. Since the UPA has so steafastly talked of not interfering with Supreme court judgement (Although it has tried to circumvent it by shabby notifications) , perhaps it is time that it tasted its own medicine. By all means , it should be assessed if 10 Janpath is acting as a place where commercial activity is taking place and it does serve as a place where a lot of CWC meetings take place. There is obviously nothing residential about these meetings , It is to do with the "profession" of the people involved and hence is arguably commercial not to mention the headache of parking and traffic diversion it would case.. and hence let the traders association of delhi having posters of Gandhiji affixed in front of them with senior MCD officials march there and ask for VOLUNTARY SEALING OF 10 JANPATH AS AN EXAMPLE SET BY UPA GOVERNMENT....

Lets see that happens and then lets see if Akbar road is notified or not or is a residential area... and if so let us see if the CWC headquarters can also be sealed.
After that we will seal the other UPA political offices which operate out of residential areas.

I am sure we will have these lazy netas scampering for a special session to avoid their offices from being sealed.

Howzat for Gandhigiri...