Sunday, July 28, 2013

Who did what for Lokayukta and Anti Corruption – Here is the Truth Mr. Hazare

Last week or so has seen many influential people come up with interviews, references and quotes where they have taken a stand on many issues, including development economics, secularism, and most recently: Lokayukta appointment.

These are topics that are really serious and a debate from these influential and remarkable personalities is welcome , only if it would not be diluted by the quintessential advise or opinion they never failed to give at the end: "Who is preferable for the post of Prime Minister?"

To be fair to them, the media houses must’ve put this question to them and maybe more than once, at the time of the interview. Additionally also is the particular Indian quirk that we Indians have , at home or as NRI’s:- we’re always happy to advise or give opinions – solicited or not.

Therefore it is time to set the record straight, particularly for Mr. Hazare whom I regard as a man worthy of respect and someone who has genuinely tried to be apolitical. Apolitical does not mean you be balanced however. If the narrative and the evidence points to one position being predominantly true, you're doing injustice by deliberately trying to be balanced !