Saturday, November 25, 2006

PLANET OF THE APES--- Here and Now in India
I remember when i had watched Planet of the Apes the other day,, how one species typically rules over the other enslaving them and using them as ignorant prey or slaves or docile toys. Something similar is seen in "The time machine" when the morlocks actually enslave perhaps a superior sub-species (Apperance wise) just by their agressiveness and sheer physical force.
And then they say Truth is stranger than fiction , which is true, strangely :-) because here in india the subspecies called politicians is holding the common man who struggles and fights for a decent living as a host or prey. Slowly we become either slaves or docile toys to these apes which rule over us in the ostensible garb of democracy.
These monkeys live in 100 crore houses while people whose whole household depends on a 10 x12 shop get it sealed along with their life. They draw benefits and perks over a lakh and have salary exceeding 30-40 k but they can't bring out a single planning document in 3 years.
Moreover these monkeys are very vain.... they spend half their times renaming roads and water treatment plants and lanes and bylanes and bridges with their own names or those of their ancestory, or unborn child or favorite maids ....
Wish they spent this time on their slaves...
The slaves however get a chance to change this every 5 years generally. They get to decide which set of monkeys should rule over them., This is an interesting facet of the mistress called democracy which only visits you every 5 years.
Now what happens is monkeys get cleverer around this time and routinely bribe the slaves by feeding them chicken or alcohol or promising them some benefits like clean toilets etc. but they promise them to specific slaves only so as ensuring the slaves which have some sympathy with them decide for them. The monkeys which actually talk of more power to the slaves are laughed at or neglected because every slave find this absurd and doesn't really find anyhthing immediately good from them.
Hence worse and worse set of monkeys are ruling the slaves now.... the slaves suffer from temporary amnesia for 5 years and again this cycle begins. The slave are also too preoccupied by immediate duties and getting food foraged by them on the table to think of the future. And they have great belief in the mistress called democracy! Finally the slaves are too divided along lines of race and other things too foment a mutiny against the monkeys.
Hence continues the story of the planet of apes..... If only the slaves start thinking long term and think of themselves as a society rather than individuals perhaps, we shall be rid of the nasty monkeys...
So the next time the chance to decide the monkeys comes - please decide not on basis of chickens, alchohol, blankets or individual benefits but will the monkeys actually work for the betterment of slave society and maybe after another 1000 years allow them to live as equals ????

Friday, November 17, 2006

How to divide the country and kill merit for dummies - by a an autoratic government

Well then...

"The hits just keep on coming." as tom cruise said in his movie "A few good men" ... and sure enough the hits just keep on coming courtesy the ruling UPA government.

Already 50% of reservation is there in education for obc and sc and st and xbc's and what not, ofcourse no explanation of this percentage or magic figure is there. IS 50% of the population of India either OBC or SC or ST ? I think not., but then again 1 person 1 vote is not a criteria here ...

It is 1 votebank person 1 vote.

Has anyone tried to find out how much percentage of OBC/ SC or STs even have access to education....? Or how many of below poverty line people are non SC/ST's.... do we need to subsidize the opportunities they get because some silly chap in a village does not let them enter a temple OR because of how poor they are (which does not mean they are necessarily SC/ ST)

But this is not all

Come to Step 2
Now you initiate the religion based reservation debate.... No matter that the constution of india explicitly forbids or that the supreme courts frown upon it and has infact been held unconstitutional in an Andhra Pradesh court judgement.

All of this has no meaning for the so called secular party(S) of India....

And then there is Step 3

Hey ! Let us initiate reservation in Private sector as well. Doesn't matter if Productivity goes for a toss. Doesn't matter if you undue the last 10 years of growth of which government had at best a passive and at worst ZERO role to play.

Doesn't matter that business leaders themselves are talking of affirmative action.
Trust Messrs Manmohan Singh to play a political stunt and the timing is so right... near assembly elections.

All that the inept government has provided the private sector is are faulty and obsolete legislations, crumbling infrassturcture and a plethora of taxes jacked up every year for the slightest excuse.... And now they want the private sector to subsidize their political aspirations as well.

And Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan the messiah of Dalits who spends lakhs and lakhs of ruppees underwritten by a PSU for his Daughters wedding.
That could have fed a lot of poor people you know. Tsk Tsk... But you wouldn't be able to identify which of those poor people was dalit... I understand... So much pressure on you.

OK so we were at step 3

If upa remains in power expect step 4 and step 5 by 2010

Step 4. ---- 50% of a company's share capital reserved for subscription only by obc, sc and st... (and god bless the ipo's which shall be cancelled)

Step 5. ------ 40% of all international flights reserved for minorities, sc,sts and obcs.

Kudos .... Keep it up guys..... After all who will ruin and cause another partition in India if not you !

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Traders Strike against a Despotic Government - Why Government does not want to help traders?

Delhi traders were up in arms from Oct 30 to Nov 1 against the "nikammi" government of India and of Delhi. While there was a good show of force, the sad part is that Delhi lost 700 Crore indirectly, most small jobbers may have lost 3 days salary and public services lost between 50 lakhs to 1 crore due to damages.

The sympathy with traders has see-sawed a bit as the common man was caught in 3 hours long traffic jams but no one was sympathetic with the government.

It amazes me how blinded can a given government be and how hypocritical to the needs of the common man. Lest some of you feel i am BJP activist i will explain the analysis which most of us know but sometimes we forget the significance of .

1. Government : Our hands are tied behind our back ! We have tried it all. Plus, what the supreme court has ruled is actually right in a way
Ans: Weren't your damn hands tied behind your back when you bulldozed the office of profit bill through and gave relief "in retrospect" i.e people who have been breaking law for 50 years by not following office of profit were given relief. And the main beneficiary were UPA leaders and ofcourse victims were people like Jaya Bacchhan . Not to mention the fact that the supreme court found this irregular and the president returned the bill once but had to forgo objections after being forced by zealots and obsequious MPs . (

Ofcourse this was an important problem like maintain the decorative designation for great Sonia JI and other illustrious MP, not a small matter like the employment and welfare of 5-10 lakh small traders in Delhi who are already reeling under a 3 times price rise since UPA governments "kalyug" raj.
Bottom line - where it benefits us we will challenge even god, what's supreme court or president .

2. Government : We have the traders welfare in mind. Why would we intentionally try and distance them.
Ans. Bullshit of the nth degree. Everyone knows that there is a snowflakes hope in hell that any trader or educated businessperson in Delhi will vote for UPA or Dikshit for next 10 years , or perhaps more. They know that there is no vote bank there. ITs a lost case, and can't be won. So they say, why bother. Things for us couldn't possibly get worse from this section. so let us concentrate on other traditional votebanks : the sc's , st's and muslims. Ofcourse the fools haven't thought through where so many young people of the so called "deprived community" are gaining their employment from.

3. Government: master plan, was delayed by BJP and we need another zillion years to prepare it
Ans: The f******* masterplan is something you could have launched ages ago. This according to BJP and has been verified as having been ready in 2002 itself. The new changes were made and have been in making. Whereas bollywood is producing complete movies in mere 4 months , these guys take 4 years to produce a single document, which when u look at its language , you will need to call Latin experts to understand.

Update : - Stardate 7th November 2006 -------------- BARBARIANS AT THE GATE

Gasp ! we cannot hold much longer. The barbarians have reached the golden city ! It was a brave fight, but the despotic and corrupt UPA government

Shops in South Delhi are being sealed and law abiding traders are taking this with heavy heart. Rest in Peace, O Democracy !