Friday, June 08, 2012

Guide to Bringing Black Money Back - for Dummies (aka our government)

I am writing after a gap of a long time, couple of years or more maybe. There are so many things to write about, so many things to consider... it is mind boggling actually. And once or twice it has stopped me from re-starting the blog.

I keep thinking .. where the hell do i start. You pick up a newspaper and the foolishness and imbecility of the gov. of your country stares you in face. ON ALL 24 pages. You switch on the news - Any channel - except some channel which occasionally lightens the mood by talking about cow kidnapping aliens. You don't know where to start....

But there are a few topics which coming back and haunting us over and over again.. which are in the news for all the right reason and which are the things fundamentally wrong with our country ( a long list).

One of them is the oft raised and currently hot topic of getting black money back to India. Some may say its already been discussed ad nausea um . Others may say the Indian gov. has no clue on how to act on it and it needs to be discussed further.
There is ofcourse a third and growing group (by leaps and bounds) which believes the Indian government is deliberately being dumb about it (as if it was possible to be dumber than it already is) and turning a blind eye from obvious solution.