Saturday, July 07, 2007

The world a victim of Terror and Dr. Singh a Victim of Sleeplessness ...zzzzzz
Count on Dr. M Singh to come up with the most amazing of comments every time. Last few days back he castigated the Indian industry for not doing more to bring in inclusiveness ( more than whom .... The UPA government whose main components COngress Party's legacy for last 40-50 years, we all know of.
Now after the arrests of the Indian doctors who allegedly plotted these new blasts in July 2007 and which thankfully didn't happen, Dr. Singh complained of sleeplessness on Indian news channel out of concern for the Doctor and after seeing the families of these Doctors in grief.

Did Doctor Singh also have a bout of sleeplessness on 7/11 train bombings at all ? Not that we have heard off.
Or did the thought that had these bombs gone off , set by these allegedly disgraceful shame-on-indian people , there would have been hundreds of casualties... did this thought cause him any sleeplessness.

Was he trying to get some kind of brownie points from the muslim community through this sleeplessness episode.
Will Dr. Singh ever have the courage to address the Muslim community in India, at large not to get taken in by zealots and idiots whose whole week is spent deciding where to plant bomb ; rather than appeal to Gordon Brown to have some sympathy for us poor Indian bought to shame by certain people.