Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kejriwal.. the greatest threat for Aam Admi Party and the Aam Aadmi itself...

I am an aam aadmi of delhi.... and i feel guilty... I feel guilty since the last 1-2 weeks i have been so disgusted, so angry , so frustrated by the ridiculous and fraudulent actions of a megalomaniac called Arvind Kejriwal that i started criticizing the WHOLE aam aadmi party for it.

It is not fair. Arvind Kejriwal does not OWN the Aam Aadmi Party or brand. That The Aam Aadmi party success is due to a man called Kejriwal is a high octance media fueled theory and in which we are invariably getting dragged.

As of today, i think even a neutral observer would say that the credibility of Aam Admi party is much higher than that of Kejriwal, Shazia Ilmi or his other cohorts such as Kumar Vishwas. All these people appear to have excelled in is criticizing and insulting people whereas the silent heroes are the social activist MLA's of the party on whose strength they won.

THese people won't to work for Delhi but Kejri is resting that on his own megalomaniac whims and fancies. Isn't it time that the secular and nationalist parties expose this to the public.

What about the Akhilesh pati Tripathi who put aside his civil services dream to work for the slums of Lal Bagh and north Delhi and defeated Kanwar Karan Singh.. Does he have a say in the 18 point drama of Kejriwal. What about the advocate Somnath Bharti or the journalist Girl who won against someone who has been winning for more than 50 years at Delhi Cantt... do they have a say in any whims and fancies of Kejriwal and his minions.

The sooner the Aam Admi Party discards people like Kejriwal , Kumar Vishwas who incidentally is known to make communal speeches, Shazia Ilmi etc,. the sooner they can come into mainstream politics and help people.

BJP needs to get out a strong message over the next few days.. first of all it should ask in wonderment if Kejriwal is taking the space soon to be vacated by Sh. Digvijay Singh as Rahul has all but declared him as his Guru. And Kejriwal does seem to be going the DIgvijay Singh route by shouting conspiracy, conspiracy everywhere and blaming everyone for everything.
THe other question they should ask is that is that the Congress wishes to surprise the electorate by positioning Kejriwal as their Prime Ministerial Candidate. If Congress offers unconditional support to AAP and AAP accepts it, frankly anything is possible and BJP has no  problems with it but congress should declare it properly and not leave for last moment. 

The idea is that the congress should realize that they're playing with fire and that it can seriously burn them. If they realize it tacitly in the next 2-3 days and just before the time is up, their man at the centre the LG discards Kejri's Alice in Wonderland wishlist as just time delaying tactics..., the sooner it will be clear to the innocent people of Delhi that all along Kejri was just doing it for entertainment and had no intention to serve the people of Delhi which is the trurh... 
After that it should be made clear to the media that Aam Admi party is not to blame and thank god this happened before AAP went down the dynasty route.  AAP should be asked to discard people like Kejri who are a threat to democracy and a loose cannon. What a scenario it would be if Congress brings the genuine candidates of AAP close to power and then lets them loose it.. all because of Kejri's whims and fancies and egos... this will  expose the game of Mr. Kejriwal in the eyes of the people.

One last thing that needs to be put here is that AAP is a united front is a myth. AAP currently has two power centers... one is the people who are the workers on the ground, who have visited the slums, who come from underpriveleged backgrounds or who understand the problems of the people and the other is the IIT-IIM-Wharton suits who i imagine have no clue on how a water tanker navigates through the colonies of Delhi or how to ensure that Ration is not black marketed. They are blind Kejriwal supporters and the main funders and think that Kejri and his cohorts are above the party and the ones who call the shots. The real revolution is when those in the background call the shots and this NON INDIA based Kejri supporter brigade has to be listen to them.. Only then will the AAM Admi party be aaam !!!

Jai Hind.