Sunday, August 27, 2006

We the people - Reserve a seat in Hell as well ?

What is happening in India these days. Who calls us the world's largest democracy ? We are no longer that . We are a country governed by people who make laws for their convenience, break them at will and blacklist media , people and rights.

Students are water cannoned so that they should'nt disturb the beauty sleep of the VIPS or cause problem to their traffic. They are beaten and arrested. Blog sites are blacked out and there is a bill to reign in the media.

The RTI bill has narrowly escaped the ranting and raving disallowing the government the absolute right to run its own fiefdom. But for how long !

China had 1 Tinamen square which put it in infamy for so long , but in India under this autocratic government and political system is surely and slowly and systematically culling and mowing down rights of the general public.

Whether it is ban on "so called adult entertainment" , ban on so called "objectionable sites" , the way the reservation bill is tabled., the way the office of profit bill was bulldozed through , we are increasingly under the mercy of a self proclaimed dynasty. I dont mind that at all as long as the dynasty is made of sensible people and not fools and bootleggers.

Please look at the ads for moving to Canada, UK , US, or even Timbucktoo... you may be in the danger of your life but atleast you wont be ruled by people who care for nought but filling their coffers and that there hands should not get dirty handling petitions by innocent students.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kabhi Paan Thuukte mat rehna
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Save our soul, watch the bombs .. spit, splash, spish.... and it lands, squarely on your shoe... still you have been saved by the velocity of wind which alters at the last minute.... Praise the lord !
Whats it with us Delhi wallahs ? Every %!### person seems to be chewing tobbacoo or pan or what $^$^#$#$$ not and spitting it all over the place. They do it with such dexterity and frequency you marvel at the indian engineering in spitting.
They spit from buses , from cars, in buildings , especially PSU and gov. buildings . They narrow pavement (if any ) are lined with phalgm, spit , splume and what not. I am a man of poor means these days, lost a bit on my entrepreneurial stint and have to use buses.
I dont mind buses, i am man with simple tastes and respect for basic necessities in life BUT each day there are 4 or 5 times when my BP pushes 20-30 points of the scale to see my fellow man spittting with such impugnity.
Please Delhi, great cities are not build on infrastructure alone, they are build on concern and common decency. Spit only if you have to, and try not to chew tobbacco or pan at every road corners. No , the girls dont like it (although they havent told me) , 2ndly chewing pan and tobbacco is bad, thirdly its doubly bad when you are in public or off to work, fourthly its triply bad if you have bad cough and you spit it out in a multicoloured mixture of pan, phelgm and what not.

COmmonwealth games..god bless you and delhi
Delhi and Central Government should be sued

Whats it to our Netas and the MCD eh ? Someone had all his fixtures splattered across his verandah.. then few days later they , already, call in for new fixtures and repair your walls , we will let you sweat for another year.
Then surprise surprise , their vigilante tactics are not taken kindly by the honble supreme court and our friend has now 1 month to remove the last tubelight from his office or showroom or see it battered by ugly MCD roadrollers.
True these capatilists are too blame, too much greed and not any care for resident wallahs. But multiply this blame by 10 to the power 5 for union government and by 10 to the power 8 for MCD....I dont see anyone being suspended , i dont see the government being cuffed short of the every weekly embarassment it faces these days which we are learning to live with like a weekly saas bahu spat.For all those who have a knack of filing seriou PILS, isnt this a good case. Who will pay for the business relocation and discontinuity of business due to the new orders given rescinding an earlier law.Why was the law passed in first place ?Didnt they know it was illegal ?If they were so confident why are they being so sheepish now ?Ofcourse now they have to have to honour the court... for this is what the nth time they have been embarrassed on the issue.
Well, it is the way it is , us Indians do need to pay for the follies of our masters and give our lagaan,. first it was the British and now it is the UPA government.
God bless India and help us everyone !
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I am posting some old posts - earlier posted in Sulekha and now here as i am collating the whole thing.

Another Civil Disobedience movement needed to curb Reservations on May 18 2006 11:16AM

I am surprised at what is happening in India today. We are not far of from our own Tinamen square if this UPA government is allowed to function like this. With nearly 50 years of reservations , rather than bringing out a game plan for getting better results and ultimately moving to an ideal system , votes now are the key. Even opposition parties like BJP are being mute spectators. My deepest respects to the medicos on hunger strike who are fighting this evil in society which is slowly dividing india.
The Gandhi -Nehru dynasty has only bought problems to india and its list of accomplishment (read blunders is historic) . Starting from Kashmiri Hindu massacres to NAM movement, to Shimla accord to a 'soft state policy' to socialistic system (which was pseudo socialistic) , support for reservation system is another glaring example.
This is not even an optimal solution, forget ideal. And increasing seats is just sweeping the problem under the carpet. Instead of going for implementing and encouraging affirmative action which would bind the society the government which seems to be full of senile or illetrate people is going for this step.
I Will not go in to details because the blogs and posts of the world already full of why reservation should not be there and slowly eradicated altogether, rather would offer some humble suggestions to those protesting.

a) Launch a case with Human Rights commissions and international monitoring agencies against Mahrashtra police brutality
b) Select a forum of senior people composed of student leaders, industry leaders, scientists, economists and challenge the prime minister to a debate .Challenege, not request otherwise he will be content with holding and being a mute spectator in various CWC meetings.
c) Announce a Civil Disobedience movement intiially by gathering support from private industry (which will lose competitiveness in case of reservations - BECAUSE MERIT WILL NO LONGER BE A CRITERIA). Involve IITians, Business Management professionals, professionals in banking, medical stream, aviation, technology sector and hold a nationwide halting of all work until government stops its high handed tactics and comes forward for talks.
d) Start and organization which will actively place meritorious people out of the hellish society which will form... a kind of overseas placement forum.... and threaten increase in brain drain.
e) Take signatures for NOT VOTING for UPA in next term on the web... I am sure there will be hell lot of them.

WHY I AM AGAINST RESERVATIONS - SIMPLE - Merit is everything, making it equal for everyone to garner or gain skills which transform into merit is the only solution .... NOT reserving something for someone without him /her having requisite merit.
This blog is about, we the people of India, and what we face almost daily . It is about the unjustices of life, about monkeys ruling men and how the system corrupts. It is about what we all see, what we are all part of and where we like busy ants in our daily tasks have no time to make a difference.

We the people have a duty for this country which is run by hardworking and enterprising people could be ten times more prosperous if we remove the rotten elements from our midst.