Sunday, August 27, 2006

We the people - Reserve a seat in Hell as well ?

What is happening in India these days. Who calls us the world's largest democracy ? We are no longer that . We are a country governed by people who make laws for their convenience, break them at will and blacklist media , people and rights.

Students are water cannoned so that they should'nt disturb the beauty sleep of the VIPS or cause problem to their traffic. They are beaten and arrested. Blog sites are blacked out and there is a bill to reign in the media.

The RTI bill has narrowly escaped the ranting and raving disallowing the government the absolute right to run its own fiefdom. But for how long !

China had 1 Tinamen square which put it in infamy for so long , but in India under this autocratic government and political system is surely and slowly and systematically culling and mowing down rights of the general public.

Whether it is ban on "so called adult entertainment" , ban on so called "objectionable sites" , the way the reservation bill is tabled., the way the office of profit bill was bulldozed through , we are increasingly under the mercy of a self proclaimed dynasty. I dont mind that at all as long as the dynasty is made of sensible people and not fools and bootleggers.

Please look at the ads for moving to Canada, UK , US, or even Timbucktoo... you may be in the danger of your life but atleast you wont be ruled by people who care for nought but filling their coffers and that there hands should not get dirty handling petitions by innocent students.

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