Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kabhi Paan Thuukte mat rehna
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Save our soul, watch the bombs .. spit, splash, spish.... and it lands, squarely on your shoe... still you have been saved by the velocity of wind which alters at the last minute.... Praise the lord !
Whats it with us Delhi wallahs ? Every %!### person seems to be chewing tobbacoo or pan or what $^$^#$#$$ not and spitting it all over the place. They do it with such dexterity and frequency you marvel at the indian engineering in spitting.
They spit from buses , from cars, in buildings , especially PSU and gov. buildings . They narrow pavement (if any ) are lined with phalgm, spit , splume and what not. I am a man of poor means these days, lost a bit on my entrepreneurial stint and have to use buses.
I dont mind buses, i am man with simple tastes and respect for basic necessities in life BUT each day there are 4 or 5 times when my BP pushes 20-30 points of the scale to see my fellow man spittting with such impugnity.
Please Delhi, great cities are not build on infrastructure alone, they are build on concern and common decency. Spit only if you have to, and try not to chew tobbacco or pan at every road corners. No , the girls dont like it (although they havent told me) , 2ndly chewing pan and tobbacco is bad, thirdly its doubly bad when you are in public or off to work, fourthly its triply bad if you have bad cough and you spit it out in a multicoloured mixture of pan, phelgm and what not.

COmmonwealth games..god bless you and delhi

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