Saturday, August 19, 2006

Delhi and Central Government should be sued

Whats it to our Netas and the MCD eh ? Someone had all his fixtures splattered across his verandah.. then few days later they , already, call in for new fixtures and repair your walls , we will let you sweat for another year.
Then surprise surprise , their vigilante tactics are not taken kindly by the honble supreme court and our friend has now 1 month to remove the last tubelight from his office or showroom or see it battered by ugly MCD roadrollers.
True these capatilists are too blame, too much greed and not any care for resident wallahs. But multiply this blame by 10 to the power 5 for union government and by 10 to the power 8 for MCD....I dont see anyone being suspended , i dont see the government being cuffed short of the every weekly embarassment it faces these days which we are learning to live with like a weekly saas bahu spat.For all those who have a knack of filing seriou PILS, isnt this a good case. Who will pay for the business relocation and discontinuity of business due to the new orders given rescinding an earlier law.Why was the law passed in first place ?Didnt they know it was illegal ?If they were so confident why are they being so sheepish now ?Ofcourse now they have to have to honour the court... for this is what the nth time they have been embarrassed on the issue.
Well, it is the way it is , us Indians do need to pay for the follies of our masters and give our lagaan,. first it was the British and now it is the UPA government.
God bless India and help us everyone !
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