Saturday, August 19, 2006

I am posting some old posts - earlier posted in Sulekha and now here as i am collating the whole thing.

Another Civil Disobedience movement needed to curb Reservations on May 18 2006 11:16AM

I am surprised at what is happening in India today. We are not far of from our own Tinamen square if this UPA government is allowed to function like this. With nearly 50 years of reservations , rather than bringing out a game plan for getting better results and ultimately moving to an ideal system , votes now are the key. Even opposition parties like BJP are being mute spectators. My deepest respects to the medicos on hunger strike who are fighting this evil in society which is slowly dividing india.
The Gandhi -Nehru dynasty has only bought problems to india and its list of accomplishment (read blunders is historic) . Starting from Kashmiri Hindu massacres to NAM movement, to Shimla accord to a 'soft state policy' to socialistic system (which was pseudo socialistic) , support for reservation system is another glaring example.
This is not even an optimal solution, forget ideal. And increasing seats is just sweeping the problem under the carpet. Instead of going for implementing and encouraging affirmative action which would bind the society the government which seems to be full of senile or illetrate people is going for this step.
I Will not go in to details because the blogs and posts of the world already full of why reservation should not be there and slowly eradicated altogether, rather would offer some humble suggestions to those protesting.

a) Launch a case with Human Rights commissions and international monitoring agencies against Mahrashtra police brutality
b) Select a forum of senior people composed of student leaders, industry leaders, scientists, economists and challenge the prime minister to a debate .Challenege, not request otherwise he will be content with holding and being a mute spectator in various CWC meetings.
c) Announce a Civil Disobedience movement intiially by gathering support from private industry (which will lose competitiveness in case of reservations - BECAUSE MERIT WILL NO LONGER BE A CRITERIA). Involve IITians, Business Management professionals, professionals in banking, medical stream, aviation, technology sector and hold a nationwide halting of all work until government stops its high handed tactics and comes forward for talks.
d) Start and organization which will actively place meritorious people out of the hellish society which will form... a kind of overseas placement forum.... and threaten increase in brain drain.
e) Take signatures for NOT VOTING for UPA in next term on the web... I am sure there will be hell lot of them.

WHY I AM AGAINST RESERVATIONS - SIMPLE - Merit is everything, making it equal for everyone to garner or gain skills which transform into merit is the only solution .... NOT reserving something for someone without him /her having requisite merit.

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