Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Assam violence - Wake up now or Get ready for another Division of India

Sounds ominous doesn't it ? 3 Lakh people displaced and 50+ people killed and i am saying get ready for another division of India. The sickular brigade may well ask me - are you being communal ?

No, the truth is - i am an Indian... and thankfully i am not a bloody jack in the box ostrich who has kept its head in sand for the last 30-40 odd years.

Assam violence of the last few days, which some say has not been properly covered by some of the news media and regarding which many myths are being floated about is really a precursor of things to come if we don't wake up now.

Firstly lets get non media reporting out of the way. That the media has become a puppet of this government (as per what many people, and i included believe) needs little explanation so its a minor issue in the scheme of things but still for sense of totality here goes: