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Assam violence - Wake up now or Get ready for another Division of India

Sounds ominous doesn't it ? 3 Lakh people displaced and 50+ people killed and i am saying get ready for another division of India. The sickular brigade may well ask me - are you being communal ?

No, the truth is - i am an Indian... and thankfully i am not a bloody jack in the box ostrich who has kept its head in sand for the last 30-40 odd years.

Assam violence of the last few days, which some say has not been properly covered by some of the news media and regarding which many myths are being floated about is really a precursor of things to come if we don't wake up now.

Firstly lets get non media reporting out of the way. That the media has become a puppet of this government (as per what many people, and i included believe) needs little explanation so its a minor issue in the scheme of things but still for sense of totality here goes:

b) http://www.firstpost.com/india/gogoi-criticises-media-promises-rehabilitation-of-displaced-392147.html (laughable , gogoi cannot even stomach this little media coverage. if it were up to him he'd probably have banned all Assam coverage)

c) Western media which is considered as pillar of objectivity by the Sickular's actually will not be their favorite guest to dinner on this occasion as it calls a spade , a spade. http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-South-Central/2012/0725/India-riots-Illegal-immigration-is-behind-deadly-clashes-in-Assam

d) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-18993905 Even BBC whichl is largely anti India acknowledges the immigration angle.

Anyhow moving forward to the issue at hand, despite denials that it was neither a communal issue , nor an ethnic issue, nor a regional issue, will Mr. Gogoi explain how 50+ people got killed and 3 lakh homeless. Was it an alien issue (Alien as in Alien's from outer space invading Assam of which ofcourse even the most capable CM cannot do anything ?)

Sorry but there is no evidence of outer space aliens. What evidence is their is of aliens from our neighboring country who have entered India illegally , settled and been given all sorts of political benefits, economic benefits and social benefits by the political class while uprooting the indigenous people of the country. This is what the struggle is about.

Just 2-3 days back there was a symbolic fast in Delhi to protest against government inaction on infiltration and demand of quick rehabilitation of especially the indigenous people - and a lot of eye opening facts came out.

Lets look at the Background to Migration (read illegal Immigration primarily) in Assam is. This article discusses the same in a detailed manner:

1. The Vote bank politics: Infiltration was always there after 1971 and especially increased after 1983 after an act which on the face of it seems quite foolish and designed for vote bank politics rather than the good of the nation. It is one of the legacies of the congress gov. ofcourse. This and other things were discussed in a speech by social activist and Janta Party General Secretary (Orgn.) Mr. Abhishek Joshi and by Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi Ji - social activist and BJP Mahila Morcha President.

I will only quote one excerpt from the article which shows the ostrich mentality of our Prime Minister, but the whole article is thought provoking.

"This followed further in another judgment of Guwahati High Court as recent as 2008, where a Pakistani national was found illegally in Assam, conveniently also contested the 1996 State assembly elections and was detained claiming to be an Indian citizen with forged documents. The High Court again came more heavily on the then Congress government mentioning that “these illegal immigrants have come to alter the demographic profile of the state impacting its culture, language and script, seemingly turning now to be the “kingmakers” exploiting our flawed system. Sri Prakash Jaiswal on floor of Rajya Sabha in July 2004 – UPA I had made a statement that as per last collected census there were 1.26 Crores Illegal Bangladeshi living in 17 States and UT’s in the country, the count until December 2000. Under pressure from Minority vote bank clusters in Assam, none other than the Prime Minister himself, dismissed these numbers as mere hear say..!"

Above episode is verifiable by a no. of news reports but i will just add one more which shows how deep the maliase is in the congress: http://www.rediff.com/news/column/its-not-a-hindu-vs-muslim-conflict-in-assam-but-indians-vs-foreigners-column/20120727.htm

2. Is this really a threat to National Security: Who better to talk about the security threat and threat to national integrity from Bangladesh than Mr. Ajit Doval, one of the top anti terror experts and IPS officers (note that this way back in 2006 when he had rung the alarm bells but no one responded ).

I quote an important excerpt from the above interview: " consider infiltration of Bangladeshis the biggest internal security problem. It's the biggest because the government feels that it can do nothing about it. There is no military response, diplomatic responses have failed, border management is not effective and the legal response is not doable because two crore illegal people's adjudication will take 200 years. Even then, you can take those adjudicated outsiders to the border, Bangladesh may not accept them. And even when they are accepted they come back after 15 days to a new destination in India. When an Indian court convicts somebody as a Bangladeshi his government escort buys him a ticket, gives him food and takes him to the border. But in a large number of cases the Bangladesh Rifles refuse to accept India's evidence. Bangladeshis enjoy a paid holiday in this country!
Even if he is accepted, by paying touts around Rs 3,000 in Dhaka he can get back on a border-bound bus."

3. And What happens to the honest bureaucrat or the unsuspecting politician who brings the Illegal immigration issue to the forefront ? Its an easy guess... isn't it ?

Check out what happened to the following people by their own leadership and how Muslim MLA's and MP's have been arm twisting them. Clearly for these politicians India is not as important as saving their votebanks and religion counts more than the nation.

"a) Jaiswal was not the first to do this shameful about-turn under the pressure of vote-bank politics. April 10, 1992, Assam's then chief minister, Hiteswar Saikia, stated in the legislative assembly that there were 'between two and three million' Bangladeshi infiltrators in Assam. He was only stating the obvious. This met with intense anger from the Muslim Forum in Assam. The Forum's head, Abdul Muhib Mazumdar, a Congress party man, reminded the chief minister that the Congress party's survival in power depended on 'Muslim votes' and warned that it would take 'just five minutes for the Muslims of Assam to throw your government out'. Saikia soon declared there was not a single illegal migrant in the state.

b) One can give numerous instances of warnings sounded by people in authority. In 1996, TV Rajeshwar, a former director of the IB who was later made the governor of Uttar Pradesh [ Images ] by the UPA government, had warned, through a series of newspaper articles, that unchecked illegal immigration from Bangladesh into Assam and other border states in India's northeast 'could someday lead to a third division of India'

c) When he was governor of Assam, retired General SK Sinha had also cautioned about grave consequences for India's unity and security if the problem of Bangladeshi infiltration is not tackled firmly. ( HE WAS RECALLED BY THE THEN PRESIDENT DUE PROTESTS FROM CONGRESS MEN) Check out what he says: http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?281845

d) The warning has also come from the judiciary. The Guwahati high court in 2008 heard a case relating to a Pakistani national who came to Bangladesh, then infiltrated into Assam, got his name registered on the voters' list and even managed to contest the 1996 assembly elections. Observing in despair that "this can happen only in Assam", the court noted that "illegal Bangladeshi immigrants are slowly becoming the 'king makers' in Assam and will reduce indigenous Assamese to a minority...."

e) The warning sounded by India's Supreme Court has been even direr. The prolonged agitation of the Assamese people against infiltration from Bangladesh -- and earlier from East Pakistan -- culminated in the Assam Accord of 1985. The Rajiv Gandhi government enacted the Illegal Migrants (Determination through Tribunal) Act. The Assam Accord was hailed as one of the great achievement of Rajiv Gandhi's premiership. The IMDT Act turned out to be a cure worse than the disease. Far from checking the infiltration of Bangladeshis, it gave it a boost. ( Excerpts from : http://www.rediff.com/news/column/its-not-a-hindu-vs-muslim-conflict-in-assam-but-indians-vs-foreigners-column/20120727.htm )

This happened because the Rajiv Gandhi government had deliberately introduced certain flaws into the act that enabled infiltration to continue. Neither the Congress party nor any of the self-styled secular parties were subsequently willing to remove these flaws. After a prolonged legal battle by anti-foreigner forces in Assam, the Supreme Court, in its July 2005 verdict, struck down the IMDT Act as 'unconstitutional' and urged the federal government to take effective steps to stop the influx of Bangladeshis. The Supreme Court warned that large-scale infiltration from Bangladesh constituted 'external aggression' against Assam. "

4. The consequences and the Spread: The consequences are huge for not only Assam but the country as a whole. Does anyone based here in good old Delhi think there are no Bangladeshi immigrants in Delhi NCR ???
Have a look around you, especially those in Old Delhi, Gurgaon etc. We're part of the problem : employing cheap labour which we know to be Bangladeshi for 300-500 Rs. less per month. For some this is the kind of money they easily spend on Desserts in a meal in high end restaurant. And for this small amount we may be hiring an illegal immigrant.
AFter the repeal of the IMDT Act, currently any illegal Bangladeshi can be reported via a FIR and will face deportation and action under the Foreigner act (theoretically at least) and i think its time each one of us puts the theory to test [ http://pib.nic.in/newsite/erelease.aspx?relid=39051 ]. Yes , i know that it is very likely there will be pressure from above to release these vote bank tools for a disabled government but it is a small start.
The problems we face range from problems of national security http://www.indianexpress.com/news/no-breakthrough-yet-police-probe-the-role-of-bangladesh-nationals/367233/0 , http://www.mid-day.com/columnists/2012/aug/020812-opinion-How-many-more-Kokrajhars.htm to problems of local security http://www.thaindian.com/newsportal/uncategorized/four-bangladeshis-held-for-robbery_10094496.html . One impact which at times escapes us is the way these Bangladeshi 'kingmakers' have the power to install corrupt governments in a jiffy. Those who fight for lok pal take note please of the % share of votes of the two major parties or simply the winner vs. the 2nd party in the majority of seats in states and national elections. You will find this no. is less than 3-4% sometimes bordering about 1-2% http://zeenews.india.com/zeeexclusive/2009-05-19/532875news.html . Assuming that there are about 35 million Bangladeshi in this country ( how we presumed this figure we'll come to later) and knowing that about 390 million cast their votes in 2004 [ http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2005-03-05/news-interviews/27867965_1_indian-idol-general-elections-votes ] out of 670 cr. voting eligible public out of a total population of nearly a billion. Lets do some quick maths now. Based on this lets assume same spread of voting eligiblity across the Bangladeshi immigrants (who do have their voter cards etc. ) i.e 67% of 35 million. Thats roughly 23.5 million. Now assume that 90% will vote unlike our lovely middle, upper middle and rich class (of one of which i am a member) who damn cares about voting but prides itself ever time India wins a cricket match against... even Bangladesh. Thats 21 million votes out of 390 million votes polled
Thats a huge f******* 5.41% percent of votes polled possible which could have swayed the election result ANY WHICH WAY IN 2004 and which is pretty likely to have the power to do the same in 2014 being considered a 3-4 way contest.

YOU my dear friends have been already marginalized and reduced a non entity majority in your OWN COUNTRY ! But its only fair, isn't it. When in discussions you vomit pseudo speak declaring every neta is corrupt and everything is bad and life isn't fair and why doesn't beer grow on trees... and hey, whats the use of voting then ?

Well buddy , right above is the use of voting. Blunt the edge of that 5.41% before you're made the immigrants in your own coutry !!!!.

Ok, so this was shocking. Now lets come to another shocker, especially for my lovely indigenious muslim brothers. Misguided by their leaders, defrauded by political parties, and finally given all any arguments by some religious fanatics , many of them may think that it is a mortal insult to remove the Bangladeshi immigrants. After all how can a Muslim go against another ? or can it ?
If this were true that a Muslim has to accept with open arms any Muslim for eternity in their house than today UAE would've become the most populous muslim country in the world. It is the richest and a Muslim state, yet it is managing its borders and its immigration. Yes, it has low cost labour - but they're not subsidized to kingdom come and drain resources and their numbers are kept in check. And they DON'T have voting rights.

Of the more recent entrants of this 35 million odd illegal Bangladeshis, let us examine which community is losing the jobs the most. The NCRLM report (Ranganath Misra ) found that occupations in India tended to be concentrated along religious lines with Muslims being found more in Household / trade/ artisan related occupations as compared to cultivators etc. It is an established fact that 90% of those who are migrating from Bangladesh are Muslims. Before the sickulars protest... it is not possible any other way. Bangladesh now has only 3-4% of Hindus, whittled away by genocide. Even assuming that these Hindus, fighting for their lives and escaping genocide find the money to bribe and the contacts needed to migrate to India and they do so dispropotionately by a ration of 1:3 to Muslims.... on basis of population concentration it is clear that 90% roughly will still be Muslims.

Well, who loses the jobs then ?
Is it the Christians who are over represented in service sector as per NCRLM report (except for Assam , Meghalaya where they are cultivators as well), or the Hindus (who are neglected child of India and spread across but cultivators as well) or Sikhs the cultivators and land owners .. or Muslims - who dot the household, odd, industrial and artisan sector - by account of socio-religious factors ? Like for like , the Indigenious muslims of INDIA are the biggest losers. They are losing because of the perfidy meted out them by a government and by leaders who in the name of religion , brotherhood ask them to silently take into their fold immigrants, non - indians who have no love for India and are slowly taking their livelihood converting their modest but indigenous localities into Ghettos. !
Making fools out of Muslims has been a favorite past time of our governments ( earlier Hindu's were their favorite for this .. starting 1947) , but Muslims become the biggest losers. When the subsidies for minorities (read muslims) reach a point that they cannot support more - not because of indigenious population growth -but because of exogenous it remains to be seen if the feeling of brotherhood will prevail or the clash between two Muslim populations push India further on its way in becoming a failed state like Pakistan.

5. How many are there really : So , i gave a figure of 35 million above. Do i hear cry's of communal communal yet ? No, how about 50 ? Yes... thats more like a sickular republic. 50 One, 50 two, 50 three.. gone !
Firstly , lets get it straight right away - we're talking about the illegal Bangladeshi Migrants. and By illegal i don't mean those without voter id card, because if what i've heard first hand is to be believed. even the guy who is arriving today has already his ration card etc. already prepared and waiting in a nice disembarkation kit. So no, i still consider that guy illegal. If we define illegal immigrants as those who've deceptively entered india and procured documents to achieve citizen status . What is the cut off date ?
It would be tempting to put the cut off date at 1971. Highly tempting. Logical - lakhs of people fleeing for their lives since then the influx has begun and yes that seems the logical date, except for the fact that there was illegal immigration before 1971 as well especially on the Bengal side and quite a bit of it unrelated to any bad treatment by West Pakistan to East Pakistan. From all the news and research reports i could glean i found the realistic estimate ranged from a low of 18-20 million to a high of 50 million. If you notice above, i took a mean of these low and high points as 35 million (Hmmph say the Pseudo sickularists ?) . Well what can i say, i am a fair guy !

Now where does this 20 million and 50 million estimate come from and what led to the estimation.
In 2003 their numbers were estimated by government of india figures in the range of 15 million (conservative estimates) http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2003-02-08/india/27268039_1_bangladeshi-migrants-illegal-migration-central-law-enforcement-agency . Lets look at another gov. figure itself although quickly retracted: http://rediff.co.in/news/2005/jun/04assam.htm Here the Lt. gov. of Assam is himself stating up to 6000 Bangladeshi's enter India (after retracting enter Assam) every day. No big Deal ? Lets say this is happening since 2003 wherein the gov. changed hands unfortunately for our country in 2004 and lets take a figure of 3000 as an avg. (as sickularists will say up to 6000 does not mean 6000 every day). So what pray tell is 3000x365x9 = 9.85 million addition. That yields a figure of 25 million at least (as we've downgraded even the gov. estimated.)
So b/w 20 -50 million is just about right. Thats 35-40 million mouths to feed, to subsidize, millions jobs lost, millions lost in gdp, in ensuring security, millions of foreigners who will gain from the sarv siksha abhyan, millions of foreigners who can uproot indigenious tribes from places where even you and i as indians can't buy land.

Welcome to India, the banana republic of 21 st century.

6. Is there really a cure ?

There is a cure. Its difficult and complex and no i am not advocating any thing shocking, thuggish or down right out of Batman movies (which the sickularist's may have been looking to hear). But speaking of Batman movies i am reminded of something the Joker says " If you're good at something, never do it for free...'

So if you've realized the enormity of the problem and maybe one or two sickularist even converted to nationalist and patriots, i ask you to pay that little cost. The cure is not for free... you have to involve yourself in the issue, gather data on the internet , look at where the next discussion is. If you're a lawyer, see if you can intervene with a PIL, if you're a student - talk to your north east friend - make him/her feel at home and understand what they're facing. Don't hire immigrants and report them

And best of all outsource the problem ? Yes that's right - come 2014 you will get a chance to outsource this problem to the one and only one guy who can handle it. The guy who single handedly saved lives of thousands of people like superman or batman or iron man.. be them Muslims or Hindus. but who has , in the greatest fraud perpetrated on the people of India after what the british did (or even including what the british did), been derided victimized, attacked and stalked by anti national and communal forces...

Still he stands tall , a man amongst mouse who is not concerned with saving his seat or his reign but the prosperity , peace and good will of people in Gujrat and in India.

Yes i am talking of none other than Na Mo Sh. Narendra Modi. the man who saved arguably 2000-3000 Gujratis (NOT HINDUS , NOT MUSLIMS) and Indians by his quick actions and by the cooperation of a brave Gujrat police force and Indian Army who reached there late on Day 1 itself as compared to Day 4.5 in Assam in what is now known as bureaucratic dilly dallying b/w Gogoi and the clowns at the center.

Outsource your troubles in 2014 to Na Mo... after all its TINA (THERE IS NO ALTERNTIVE to Sh. Modi ).. or your kid just might be getting handed out rations in the next 20 years by a guy whose Dad had entered one night through a barbed wire 2000 odd kms away and who now owns 2 flats and a swanky farm house just south of Mehrauli.

Jai Hind

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