Friday, September 29, 2006

Slap on Manmohans face by Musharraf

A Slap on Indias face by Musharraf and the story of our weak PM.Have you seen dances with the wolves ? Thats apparently what our PM proposed to MushBush at Havana. And mere week before Mush Says India is responsible for Kargil as well as stealing nuclear secrets from Pakistan.If ever there was a loud slap by a world leader to another, this one would be the loudest. But it does not bother our honorable PM of course. When its Pakistan, we are used to it.Lateral thinking stretched beyond a point deserves mental asylum . A proposal to work with Pakistan and its intellegence wing to share intellegence on terrorist activities. Jesus! You are not US or Israel. You really think Pakistan will give a damn about this intellegence sharing. It will use your own intellegence against you and will give a clean chit to its home grown terrorist when the next bombing in India happens as it is bound to.Why dont other political parties wake up and stop the weak leadership of this country from selling the country down the river , as it has done in past.

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