Saturday, November 25, 2006

PLANET OF THE APES--- Here and Now in India
I remember when i had watched Planet of the Apes the other day,, how one species typically rules over the other enslaving them and using them as ignorant prey or slaves or docile toys. Something similar is seen in "The time machine" when the morlocks actually enslave perhaps a superior sub-species (Apperance wise) just by their agressiveness and sheer physical force.
And then they say Truth is stranger than fiction , which is true, strangely :-) because here in india the subspecies called politicians is holding the common man who struggles and fights for a decent living as a host or prey. Slowly we become either slaves or docile toys to these apes which rule over us in the ostensible garb of democracy.
These monkeys live in 100 crore houses while people whose whole household depends on a 10 x12 shop get it sealed along with their life. They draw benefits and perks over a lakh and have salary exceeding 30-40 k but they can't bring out a single planning document in 3 years.
Moreover these monkeys are very vain.... they spend half their times renaming roads and water treatment plants and lanes and bylanes and bridges with their own names or those of their ancestory, or unborn child or favorite maids ....
Wish they spent this time on their slaves...
The slaves however get a chance to change this every 5 years generally. They get to decide which set of monkeys should rule over them., This is an interesting facet of the mistress called democracy which only visits you every 5 years.
Now what happens is monkeys get cleverer around this time and routinely bribe the slaves by feeding them chicken or alcohol or promising them some benefits like clean toilets etc. but they promise them to specific slaves only so as ensuring the slaves which have some sympathy with them decide for them. The monkeys which actually talk of more power to the slaves are laughed at or neglected because every slave find this absurd and doesn't really find anyhthing immediately good from them.
Hence worse and worse set of monkeys are ruling the slaves now.... the slaves suffer from temporary amnesia for 5 years and again this cycle begins. The slave are also too preoccupied by immediate duties and getting food foraged by them on the table to think of the future. And they have great belief in the mistress called democracy! Finally the slaves are too divided along lines of race and other things too foment a mutiny against the monkeys.
Hence continues the story of the planet of apes..... If only the slaves start thinking long term and think of themselves as a society rather than individuals perhaps, we shall be rid of the nasty monkeys...
So the next time the chance to decide the monkeys comes - please decide not on basis of chickens, alchohol, blankets or individual benefits but will the monkeys actually work for the betterment of slave society and maybe after another 1000 years allow them to live as equals ????

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