Friday, December 15, 2006

HELP HELP! Victim to Mr. Singh's War on TALENT!
After Bush declared War on Terror, where can our Indian PM be left behind. Just one small problem, instead of fighting a war on terror which our country desparately needs ( many times more than USA), he is now fighting a war on talent.
Next time you bring in the rosy statistics regarding GDP growth and GDP and india as the next superpower.. just keep in Mind that Messrs Singh and his able round table of knights may just leave that as what it has been... a rosy dream.
What .. How dare you say that ? Someone asks.

After all Mr. Singh was the one who bought in the reforms circa 91'.
Aha.... History as they say is written by the victor. We forget 91. that inflexion point in india's history, when India was in the technical sense on brink of bankruptcy and had to salvage gold to meet payments. The only door which remained open was that of reforms, there were not even blind alleys, not even mouseholes ... and lo and behold Mr. Singh took this ONLY OPEN route. And hence his foresight is praised , where he actually started to practice what more or less, the noted us economist Milton Friedman said in 1955 speifically to India . YESSIR 35 years earlier.... Howzat for foresight.
But cum to the present and the recent audicious speech by the PM where he has declared his war on talent it seems.
1. Reservations for caste and religions in government aided and pretty soon unaided institutes... no matter what the merit of person... No we will not teach a man to fish.. instead we will keep on feeding him.
Doesnt matter if our so called MCD Schools with imbecilic faculty have not taught the weaker sections any basics, or only take attendance twice a year, but we will still refer the poor chaps churned out by inefficient and shoddy state education to institutes of excellence like IIT and IIM who may be miracle workers...
As usual we will wash our hands off the whole mess.
And let the priest in villages keep shunning away the people from lower castes and ensuring they dont get a basic education... Messrs singh will solve that by giving these poor chaps seats in SRCC and Stephens.....
AS long as the solution does not get our hands dirty, its the right solution, isnt it!
2. Dire warning to the private sector to start something akin to reservations in employment as well or we will do it for you. Doesent matter that the private sector owes zilch to the government and has only been a milked cash cow through taxes ,duties, levies, and more taxes ... sans facilities.
yes i suppose we should be thankful that atleast the private sector has the permission of the gallant leaders to atleast develop the infrastructure....
3. Also saying that welfare schemes will have minorities being pampered to and the majority, read "HINDU" in most states coming second. SO this means a BPL muslim is poorer than a BPL Hindu and ditto for christan.... so do we different Gandhijis on notes for Hindus and Muslims and Christians or are we using the same currency....
4. And heres a look at the future.....(of what may be as the ghost of christmas future said.) " Share holding of companies especcially the BSE bluechips will be divided amongst minorities uptil a total of 40% of Market value of the company and then distributed amongst the poor majority whose only fault is that they are the silent majority who say chalta hai yaar.... UPA aati hai power mein to kya hoga...?
5. Future... Even if you pay for air ticket and you are majority ( read "hindu " again) please transfer that air ticket to someone non majority if your religion's quota for air travel is exceeded.
6. Majority people can only eat Rajma Chawal Once a week, watch movies only once a fortnight lest we have less seats for the minority or sc /st or ofcourse us (the politicians wink wink)
7. Those that have read regarding how Hitler with his flawed logic started with his reasoning regarding jews and which initially began with segregating them and finally they were gassed and murdered and lynched in millions...... THIS IS HOW IT BEGINS....
And god help me and make me wrong... but this is how it seems to have begun in INdia with those in power bent on dividing a country, suppressing talent, making a thousand years of casteism flow to thousand more.
TO the silent majority....
You may not be lynched or murdered in your lifetime but the dream that is India will turn into a 1945 germany lest you don't do something about it when the time comes to vote....I dont want my kid to be gassed or serve in a concentration camp because his father was part of a silent majority..... DO YOU ???????

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